Technology In Education

In today’s world, technology is everywhere so it starts to effect how we learn or how we teach as well. On the part of the students, they’re crazy about the new applications, games and useful websites that can help them through their learning process.  And as teachers we can’t ignore their predisposition  to technology and we have to move with the times. In that case, there are lots of useful materials or websites that we can use in our classrooms to foster learning and create an interactive learning setting. And also, technology  makes learning flexible and removes monotony from the learning setting. Here we can see that students lead their own learning and the teachers mostly  act as instructors. Another importance of using technology that it creates a collaborative enviroment which students can share information easily with their friends and instructors. And finally we can say that the students can improve their  searching, analyzing, problem solving and communication skills without any time or place limitation.