Multicultural Education 


Banks and Banks describe multicultural education as:

“Multicultural education is a field of study and an emerging discipline whose major aim is to create equal educational opportunities for students from diverse racial, ethnic, social classes and cultural groups. One of its important goals is to help all students to acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to function effectively in a pluralistic democratic society and to interact, negotiate and communicate with people from diverse groups in order to create a civic and moral community that works for the common good.”



Active Teaching 

active teaching ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Active teaching involves a great deal of demonstrating and letting students to engage with the materials, communicate with each other. It’s not about waiting them to sit quietly and listen carefully. Instead, as teachers we need to interact with students and guide them about  how to complete or go on an activity or a task. We need to actively assess student progress. In that way we’ll help them to develop critical thinking skills, and we’ll motivate them.  Examples of active teaching include problem solving, brainstorming, role playing, jigsaw, interactive demonstrations…

Remember: Students are at the center!